Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Update

SOD-09: PREDATOR - 15 Track Cassette

Predator kicks ass, and while they've disappeared off the radar, they haven't stopped writing some stellar music. The two main guys in Predator have been playing in bands together nonstop for about 12 years, and they've taken their wire, agnew, and early hardcore influences and turned up the contrast, and the pendulum arcs farther into a moody abyss this time. This tape has 8 new recordings, including the two tracks on the comp mentioned below (the only band not to have entirely exclusive tracks) plus a b-side with unreleased tracks and a few alternate versions of their hits. When their lp came out, they had recorded a lot more songs than they needed, and consequentially my favorite song ("Spacewalk") was left off the record. Now people outside Atlanta finally get to hear it.
check out some tracks on our bandcamp

SOD-10: LAND OF NOD: Atlanta Punk & Hardcore Omnibus LP

This record is the feather in our cap, our raison d'?tre, and it finally happened. This record is a snapshot of the recent vintage of Atlanta punk bands. About half of the record was recorded (sorta) Process of Elimination style -- A bunch of rockers getting drunk and barbecuing in Clay Kilbourne's backyard as the bands took turns recording in his basement. Anyways, the bands: GG King, Cops, Bukkake Boys, Gentleman Jesse, Vincas, Shaved Christ, Predator, GHB, Acid Freaks, Manic, Ralph, Wymyns Prysyn, Gods Balls. 19 tracks total. I've got the A-side up on our bandcamp (link above). it comes with a newsprint booklet featuring band info/artwork/etc.

As mentioned above, we have a bandcamp, which has everything on it. Out of print releases are available for free download, but we only get 200 free downloads a month, so if those are used up you'll have to throw us a buck or so to download (bandcamp's rules not mine).

We've got some new stuff in the works, all of which should be released this year:

Prosecutors - I've Got a Message 7" reissue. A hard-to-find early eighties release from these Milwaukee punkers. Look it up, and if you're like me, you'll love it.>

Mercenary - demo cassette. The riffmaster and vocalist from bukkake boys teamed up with the rhythm section from ralph, this is gonna be a rager.

Predator 12" - Most of the a-side of their cassette mentioned above will find its way onto their 12" in a remixed/mastered form, along with a handful of even newer stuff that really channels their sound. These guys are on a hot streak right now.

GG King's 2nd proper lp. Recording is underway, but as usual we're taking our time.

Atlantans take note, there is a pretty sick little show headed your way. Florida's Golden Pelicans, whom I had the pleasure of recording last year, are hitting our fair city on their way to SXSW. Predator and Wymyns Prysyn (who have a 7" coming out in a week or two on No Breaks records!) are playing with the GPs at Wonderroot.


  1. Hey - is there a way to download the whole album? Sounds really interesting and would like to have the track properly, but I live in the UK, don't play vinyl anymore (ran out of space and decided enough was enough) and ordering single LP's from the US just isn't going to happen anymore anyway with postage hikes... Info/upload appreciated, happy to pay a small amount for it (although I don't think any download should be more than $5 tbh)

  2. Ed,

    We will probably make it available for download soon enough, dunno how much we'll charge, we try to keep it low all the time, but it will most likely be more than $5. If you want an explanation of why please email us.