Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Releases, New Webstore.

We finally got two new releases ready, one from Atlanta's hc doughboys Mercenary, and another a reissue of an old Milwaukee punk jammer. Descriptions are below. You can listen to them on our Bandcamp and buy them in our brand new webstore! Canadians and international customers no longer have to email for simple purchases, but distros and wholesale orders should still contact us at scavengerofdeathrecords AT gmail. Thanks!

SOD-12 Mercenary Demo Cassette

Atlanta HC raw-rager featuring wild riffage, frantic d-beat drumming, and the pummelling heaviness you'd expect from, say, Framtid. Vocals are like a neanderthal's battle cry: intimidating. 6 tracks, including one mid-paced fightstarter. Not quite raw punk, but it's dis close (get it?).

SOD-11 Prosecutors - I've Got A Message 7" Reissue

Straight reissue of a little known punk platter out of Milwaukee circa 1980.  The A side ("I've Got A Message") is a great lost-in-time punk/hard-rock slow burner with strangely ethereal backup vox that take the song to another level.  The B-side picks up the pace with the rough-but-hooky proto hardcore of "Dead Man" (also sporting those ghostly backups) and the live cut "Prosecution Rests"  (supposedly chosen in place of another studio track due to an insecure drummer).  Some time after this record was released, band leader Kevin "Kinney" Gerard picked up stakes and moved to Atlanta, eventually achieving fame with southern rockers Drivin N Cryin. A scarce record known to fetch megabucks, now it can be yours for a nominal fee (with the even scarcer picture sleeve and insert included).
***Scavenger Of Death trivia fact:  Kevin Kinney is also known to be responsible for  releasing SOD all-star Tyler Kinney (Mercenary, Ralph, Manic, Die  Ficken) into the world.